Monday, May 24, 2010


So.....we've really been enjoying the warm weather lately. We christened our new BBQ (ok- new to us our neighbors gave it to us when they moved). We made Teriyaki Beef Kabobs- sooooo yummy!
May 16 2010
The grill master
My little flower garden- an attempt to make our apartment feel more like a home
This morning I wake up to find this:
May 24 2010
WHAT THE @#&!*%

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

When you Wish Upon a Star....

Dreams really do come true!
Nick Whiting you just finished the semester! What are you going to do next?
Friday morning we loaded up the car and drove down to Sunny California! (California here we come right back where I started from. California!) I know no one really reads blogs they just look at the pics so.....I hope you're ready for our longest blog yet with lots and lots o' pics from our SUPER-DE-DUPER va-cay!
Saturday we went sailing on my uncle's boat in Long Beach

Sunday we went to church and visited Mia familia
Monday we went to Universal Studios

Last time Nick was here this ride was being built.
He finally got to ride it after waiting 10+ years!
The next day we went to THE HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH!!
I may have shed a few tears of joy
Day #1 waiting for the rope to drop

Day # 2

Happy Cinco de Mayo!
He did this one solo....I'm a huge sissy
Every time we even got close to it I would have a total anxiety attack

To give Nick a little break from Disney we took a day off
The LA temple this is where it all started for my family
my ma & pa where married here almost 30 years ago
We drove over to Burbank where my uncle works for NBC.
He got us tickets toThe Tonight Show with Jay Leno
we sat on the front row got to run up and give Jay a high five
at the beginning of the showand even got on TV (for like 2 seconds)
It was so much fun and so cool!
Afterwards my uncle gave us a private tour of the studio.
We walked past Samuel L Jackson's dressing room and
got to meet Jay Leno!
He was really nice and my uncle says he's a good guy to work with.

Day #3
Nick made me go on the giant Mickey Ferris Wheel
Again, I have this crippling fear of heights, not cool

I remember going on this ride when it opened
It's SUPER 80's cheesy but we loved it!

As we where leaving the park I may have again shed tears of joy
When I ask Nick when we can go again he says not until our kids are
old enough to enjoy it......wait we don't have any kids!
I think Nick may have OD on a little too much Disney