Sunday, December 27, 2009

All that Jazz!!

This year was indeed a very MERRY Christmas! It was our first Christmas together, the day started when we both woke up a 5:00 am, I couldn't sleep and Nick was super excited that it was Christmas morning. At 6:00 am we figured out that the other was awake and decided to get up and open presents. There was the usual gifts of clothes, movies, CDs, socks.... I surprised Nick with a pair of Air Jordan Basketball shoes (now he can run faster AND jump higher) Nick did a really good job this year and TOTALLY surprised me with Michael Buble's new CD-Crazy Love AND tickets to his concert!!! BEST GIFT EVER! I heart Michael Buble his voice melts my heart like butter! The concert isn't until March-- I told Nick this counts as Valentines and Anniversary gift . After we were done we journeyed over the river and through the woods to his family's house. It was a lot of fun to see his niece and nephews all excited that Santa came. His youngest nephew- Hugh is only 18 months and wasn't sure what was going on but because everyone else was excited so was he.
After all the fun at the Whiting house we journeyed over to my parents house. My youngest sister Jamie was super excited that Santa came and anxious for us to arrive so we could open presents. My sister Emily had us for secret Santa and gave us this really nice basket full of candy and sparkling apple cider and gift cards to the movies and dinner- it was AWESOME and she paid for all it from babysitting.
The rest of the day was spent hanging out, playing on the Wii, and munching on so much junk that out blood sugar was at critical levels.
Nick's sister Lisa and her husband Darren had us for secret Santa and they gave us tickets to the Jazz game. Darren's family has special season tickets- basically we sat right behind the Jazz during the first half and then sat on the floor for the second half--it was pretty much the COOLEST EVER! The players were so close that I could reach out and touch them (if it wasn't for the security guard standing right in front of us). Excuse me? Coach Sloan can you sit down I can't see the game, thanks. I learned that Okur is HUGE, Carlos Boozer is a very sweaty man, Ronnie Price looks tiny next to 6'9 Andrea Kirilenko and I didn't have to read Deron Williams lips as he was arguing with the ref, I could just hear him. Of course I look funny in all the pictures so please ignore me but check out our AMAZING experience at the Jazz game! PS I didn't even have to use the zoom on the camera

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

TV, Turkey and Tree

I thought it was time to post a little update about life in the Whiting house. To start out, Nick got an early Christmas present, he is the proud daddy of a new 40' LCD TV. As mentioned in a prior post he has wanted this TV for a very long time. I must say that I am really impressed with the quality of the picture and enjoy watching movies on it a lot more than our previous 20' junker. The high def is SO intense we can see the sweat on Deron Williams face (player for the Utah Jazz)
This year Thanksgiving was wonderful- mostly due to the fact that I didn't have to work all weekend. We were planning on having dinner with my family... but long story short, I ended up inviting Nick's family to join my family for dinner, it was a Demke/Whiting festival of feasting. The day was a little crazy and stressful but as always, my Mom's culinary skills provided us with another delicious Thanksgiving dinner. It was a nice opportunity to cook in the kitchen next to my Mom, I aways learn something new from her.

Now that Thanksgiving was over, I was finally able to put up my Christmas decorations! Apparently there is some sort of rule that Christmas can't start until AFTER Thanksgiving (I broke that rule beginning of November when FM 100 started playing Christmas music). With a little love and some discounted items from Roberts Craft and Target, I was able to turn my sad little Charlie Brown tree into something decent. I'm rather proud of our first Christmas tree.

Finally, we decided that we wanted to send out a Christmas card this year and what Christmas card isn't complete without the perfect family picture.

A little help from Saver's throw in some major bang curl and a big bow and you have a very merry 1990 flashback Christmas!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Quote of the Day

Quote of the Day:
"The only way to get through life is to laugh your way through it. You either have to laugh or cry. I prefer to laugh. Crying gives me a headache. If we can't laugh at life, we are in big trouble."

Sis. Marjorie Hinckley

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Last Saturday, Nick and I went furniture shopping (I know really boring, it's like we're an old married couple) it's something we enjoy doing together, we mostly just look around and try to imagine ourselves at a point in our lives when we have money and can afford to buy new matching furniture. We found this really nice entertainment center and cute wall table- it was love at first sight! Nick, being the frugal minded man that I married, was a little hesitant about the price. I told him that if I worked an extra shift we could afford to buy them AND we would have something to put his TV on, Nick has been dreaming about owning a new 40' LCD TV since I've met him--we also go TV shopping and he lusts after the TV's (our TV right now I found in my Grandpa's basement-it kind of works). "We" decided to walk away and "think about it" (again see above mention of frugal minded husband).
All day Sunday I talked about how much better our apartment would look with the table and entertainment center (It was real love, not just a fling!). Monday I worked an extra shift and of course being an extra shift it was a lousy day but my dreams of one day owning matching furniture kept me going. Today I came home from work and to my surprise, sitting in our front room was the cute table and entertainment center!! Nick got off work a little early yesterday bought them and had them delivered today. He had successfully surprised me and was so cute to see how excited I was. Another confirmation that I married the right man! Now I'll have to surprise him...maybe with a new LCD TV :)

Saturday, October 10, 2009

The End of an Era

Today Nick sold his car...and while part of me is happy and relieved (now we won't have a car payment or expensive insurance) the other part of me is sad. This was HIS CAR--his baby! We both joke that one of the reasons I went out with him was because of his sweet ride. It really is/was a cool car and I loved riding around in it but due to the adult responsibilities of marriage and finances, we decided to sell it. After 2 months of being up for sale on KSL, he got a phone call this morning and then wham-bam it's gone. I was at work so I didn't even get a chance to say goodbye. Today is the end of an era, no longer is Nick a member of the coveted Subaru club. No longer will we get "totally awesome car" comments from teenagers at the drive-through window. No more engine roaring and races at every red stop light and then the joy at seeing the face of the defeated driver. The money left over will be used to buy a more "practical" car like a corolla or a's going to take Nick some time to adjust. Fortunately, I took some pictures of Nick and his car before we posted it up for sale.


Last night Nick and I went to see Odyssey Dance Company's Thriller show. It was the perfect way to get into the Halloween spirit. We were amazed at the talent and enjoyed the creepy, spooky and fun dances. There were a few dances that were a little too dark (I get scared very VERY easily) for my personal taste but overall we both LOVED IT! They even did a Michael Jackson tribute, which was AWESOME! Before, during and after the show some of the performers were dressed like zombies and wandered around trying to scare people. I didn't get any pictures because I was running away from the zombies (they were creepy!) but here is a video of the highlights.

Sunday, September 6, 2009


Yesterday, Nick and I headed up to Soldier's Hollow in Midway to watch the International Sheepdog competition. The dogs had to run up the side of the mountain and retrieve the heard of sheep then guide them through a series of gates and finally into a big circle. Then the sheep had to be split into groups of 2 and 3 and finally put into a coral. This all had to happen in 13 minutes! The trainer could only whistle commands. It was so much fun to watch, we were both impressed with how well trained and smart the dogs are.
There was also a splash dog competition. They measured the distance of how far the dog could jump into the water. The furthest distance we saw while watching was 18 feet!

We made it home in time to watch BYU and their MIRACLE win over Oklahoma!! Gotta admit that we were both doubting BYU's ability, we just prayed that they wouldn't get completely shut out, we hoped to lose by only one or two TD. Our defense played amazing and were able to hold them back. Nick was like a little kid on Christmas morning after their win, even today he's still all giddy! :)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

First Day of School

Today was Nick's first day of school! It's been several years since he's been a full time student and I'm so proud of him for making the decision to go back to school to better himself and make a better future for our family. He's getting a bachelors degree in computer information systems. Basically, he's a smarty pants computer nerd. I just nod my head and smile when he starts talking about computer stuff.

Our singles ward bishop gave us a special red plate as a wedding gift. The plate says "You are special today" When a member of your family achieves or accomplishes anything of significance they are recognized by getting to use the red plate for dinner. It's a fun tradition we hope to continue as our family grows. Today it was christened and Nick had his dinner on the "special" plate.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Following the Leader

Saturday morning we took Nick's 5 year old nephew and 3 year old niece hiking up to Stewart Falls in Provo Canyon. My family ended up coming along as well and so did Grandpa (Nick's dad). I forgot that the hike was 2 miles one way and wasn't very easy, but the kids did great and had a lot of fun.
Uncle Nick, Jamie (my sis), Hyrum and Sami

Jamie and Hyrum taking a water break
Grandpa and Sami

My sister Amy....being Amy
True Blue Harry Potter Fan!

Rocky Mountain High

In celebration of Pioneer Day, Nick and I went camping over July 23-24 up American Fork Canyon. We both love being up in the mountains and had a lot of fun together. My sisters came up in the evening and joined us for some marshmallow roasting.
Chrissy and the PERFECT mallow!
The next morning
Breakfast of champions
After breakfast, we drove down to Tibble Fork Reservoir and went fishing
We even caught a fish!
After our fishing adventures we drove back to camp for some lunch then packed up to head home. We really wished we could have stayed one more night but becuase it was a holiday weekend every camp site was booked. We had a great time and would like to go one more time before the summer ends.