Monday, July 27, 2009

Rocky Mountain High

In celebration of Pioneer Day, Nick and I went camping over July 23-24 up American Fork Canyon. We both love being up in the mountains and had a lot of fun together. My sisters came up in the evening and joined us for some marshmallow roasting.
Chrissy and the PERFECT mallow!
The next morning
Breakfast of champions
After breakfast, we drove down to Tibble Fork Reservoir and went fishing
We even caught a fish!
After our fishing adventures we drove back to camp for some lunch then packed up to head home. We really wished we could have stayed one more night but becuase it was a holiday weekend every camp site was booked. We had a great time and would like to go one more time before the summer ends.

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  1. Your camping trip looks like a blast and that marshmallow is the perfectly roasted marshmallow. I love getting them just like that. Good job on catching a fish too!