Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Happy Birthday!

Monday, June 29, was my 27th birthday! I started the day with a great workout at the gym, got my eyebrows waxed and cleaned my house really well. It was nice to get a lot of phone calls/text messages from family and friends wishing me a happy birthday. Nick got me balloons and RED, WHITE and BLUE flowers. The 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays so the flower color combo was PERFECT! He also got me a AWESOME camera-- a nikon 12 megapixels 7x zoom digital camera. We've been using my sister's camera but after a little incident where our Moab trip picutes got lost, Nick decided it was time to have our own camera. For dinner we
drove up to the Cheesecake Factory (even though our first experience there was really bad, we were both craving cheesecake, so we decied to give it ONE more try).This time we weren't disapointed. We were seated right away, our server was excellent and the food was AMAZING! Nick ordered one of their HUGE burgers and I had this really good carmalized ginger chicked dish

Of course we had
to have cheesecake! Which was most delicious and
choice above all other cheesecakes.

Afer dinner we still had a little daylight left, so we decided to go to the Thanksgiving Point Gardens and play with my new camera. We had a lot of fun messing around, Nick was posing like a bride for some of the pictures (mock groomal pictures).

It was a GREAT birthday, Nick did a really good job. Now I have to come up with something really good for his birthday which is only a week away from mine (July 6).

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Grumpy old man+ fat kid = Great Movie

Nick surprised me today by coming home from work early. Actually he scared me to death- I was just getting out of the shower, when I heard a knock at the door and then heard it open! Fortunately the mysterious man walking in was my husband but my heart was going a million beats a minute. After my heart rate came back to normal Nick and I decided to catch a matinee movie and go see UP. From the commercials I thought this was another cute Disney/Pixar kids movie about a grumpy old man and a fat kid, I was crying within the first 15 minutes and continue to tear up throughout the next hour and a half. My family will tell you that I cry at everything (which is true) but even Nick got a little moist in the eyes. This had one of the most heart warming plots I've seen in a long time and for a kids movie there was a lot of depth in the storyline. The humor was great and the computer graphics were flawless. I highly recommend this movie, if you get a chance to see UP tell me what you think. This is defiantly my favorite Pixar movie (sorry Finding Nemo but you've been replaced). Afterwards we grabbed a quick dinner at Panda Express (mmmmm Orange Chicken) and I went to Enrichment while Nick watched the LA Lakers vs Orlando Magic game. Overall I'd say this was a great afternoon out.

Saturday, June 6, 2009


So.... I finally caved, I gave in. I have joined women across the world and have become a blogger. I've loved reading friends and family blogs (it's been a great way to stay up to date, see pictures of their cute kids, hear about their fun adventures) but I never thought there was anything interesting enough in my own life that was worth posting on the Internet. My friends at work convinced me otherwise and starting a blog has become an almost CPCU right of passage. They assured me that, now that I'm married, I'll have LOTS of things to blog about. Thanks to Connie G for helping me get started. It will pretty much be lots of stuff about Nick and I, and our lives as newlyweds. It really won't get cute and fun until the little nino's show up, but that won't be for a while so you'll just have to endure. Well it's late and my husband is asleep on the floor so goodnight for now and stay tuned.