Saturday, June 6, 2009


So.... I finally caved, I gave in. I have joined women across the world and have become a blogger. I've loved reading friends and family blogs (it's been a great way to stay up to date, see pictures of their cute kids, hear about their fun adventures) but I never thought there was anything interesting enough in my own life that was worth posting on the Internet. My friends at work convinced me otherwise and starting a blog has become an almost CPCU right of passage. They assured me that, now that I'm married, I'll have LOTS of things to blog about. Thanks to Connie G for helping me get started. It will pretty much be lots of stuff about Nick and I, and our lives as newlyweds. It really won't get cute and fun until the little nino's show up, but that won't be for a while so you'll just have to endure. Well it's late and my husband is asleep on the floor so goodnight for now and stay tuned.


  1. I think you are going to be a great blogger! Looking forward to reading about your crazy lives:)!!

  2. YEAH!!! I am excited that you now have a blog!! I hope that your doing well. I am excited to keep in touch with you.