Monday, July 27, 2009

Following the Leader

Saturday morning we took Nick's 5 year old nephew and 3 year old niece hiking up to Stewart Falls in Provo Canyon. My family ended up coming along as well and so did Grandpa (Nick's dad). I forgot that the hike was 2 miles one way and wasn't very easy, but the kids did great and had a lot of fun.
Uncle Nick, Jamie (my sis), Hyrum and Sami

Jamie and Hyrum taking a water break
Grandpa and Sami

My sister Amy....being Amy
True Blue Harry Potter Fan!

Rocky Mountain High

In celebration of Pioneer Day, Nick and I went camping over July 23-24 up American Fork Canyon. We both love being up in the mountains and had a lot of fun together. My sisters came up in the evening and joined us for some marshmallow roasting.
Chrissy and the PERFECT mallow!
The next morning
Breakfast of champions
After breakfast, we drove down to Tibble Fork Reservoir and went fishing
We even caught a fish!
After our fishing adventures we drove back to camp for some lunch then packed up to head home. We really wished we could have stayed one more night but becuase it was a holiday weekend every camp site was booked. We had a great time and would like to go one more time before the summer ends.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Happy, Happy Birthday Nick!

On Monday, July 6, my husband Nick turned 31! I always tease him about how old he is and he assures me he can still move like a gazelle. Since he still had to work on Monday, I decided to give him his birthday presents on Sunday. So far Nick and I haven't been very good at keeping secrets from each other, we just get too excited. I knew about my camera two weeks before my birthday (he just made me promise not to open it until my actual day came).
A box of chocolates- he's more a of chocolate fan than I am.
The new Gostbusters video game (yes my husband did turn 31 and asked for a video game) and a nose hair trimmer-HaHa
The story behind the nose hair trimmer is one day I walked into the bathroom and noticed Nick had my good tweezers in his nose! I was grossed out because I use those tweezers for my eyebrows. He thinks the trimmer is an old man gift but I told him if the shoe fits.....
For dinner on Monday we went to Texas Roadhouse for some really good steak
After dinner, went to my parents house where all of his family and my family were there for a backyard fire, roasting marshmallows and ICE CREAM CAKE! This was my first attempt at making an ice cream cake, thanks to my mom for all of her help. It was layers of devils food cake and cookies and cream ice cream--it turned out delicious!