Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Roman Holiday

2 years ago my girlfriend Julie and I were able to cross off a wish on our bucket list, we went to Europe- Italy, Greece and Turkey.  The trip was a mere 21 days we went all over Italy jumped on a cruise ship traveled over to Greece and Turkey and then back to Italy. Today I was looking at my pictures and I still can't believe I was there (PINCH ME!).  Nick and I were dating at the time and the trip was about 20 days too long for him, we only had minimal communication (a brief occasional email).  When I got home we both decided that we never wanted to be without the other and we became "unofficially engaged"  of course he didn't "officially" pop the question until over a month later (he was "waiting for the right moment") but that's another story for another time.  I've been blog stalking my friend Abbie, she and her husband just went to Europe over the summer, and her pics have been making me jealous (one day I'll go back, one day....)
 For you Twilight fans- we were this close:
 Love Her:

Monday, September 13, 2010

Friday Night Lights

Last Friday night we went to a  local high school football game- it's a fun, cheap date.  It was TIMPVIEW T-BIRDS (Amber class of 2000)  vs MOUNTAIN VIEW BRUINS  (Nick class of 1996) Ahhh the days of insecurity, acne, peer pressure, the cool kids, and the not-so cool kids, first crush, first kiss and first heart break--Oh how I don't miss those 4 years.  Nick played sports (Varsity Basketball, cross country) and I was in the band (total NERD)-hehe :)

My sister came too 
(and payed for us since we didn't have any cash- THANKS Chrissy!)

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Oh What do you do in the Summer time?

Our wonderful summer is sadly coming to a close. 
 Here are a few pics of what we did to finish it off:
Move over Tiger Woods!
We tried not once but TWICE to go camping this year. Our first attempt we drove around for 3 1/2 hours looking for a camping spot EVERYTHING was full. Our second attempt was our ward camp out--it was POURING rain thunder and lightening-NO BUENO!
This week was the start of COLLEGE FOOTBALL SEASON, Nick has been so excited- the equivalent of me going to Disneyland :) haha  We went to BYU's opening game against Washington
It was RIDICULOUSLY hot we were MELTING in the sun 
 Did I mention it was SUPER hot?
Not sure what this guy was trying to accomplish with the hair
It was a nail-biter but the Cougars managed to pull off a WIN!