Thursday, May 26, 2011


I'll admit it I'm a GLEEK! Glee has become a guilty pleasure
 I love the music anything from Broadway and classic musicals to 
Bruno Mars, Ke$ha and Lady Gaga
I also love old people (they keep me working!) 
BUT I do not think Glee and senior citizens should mix
exhibit A:
  I personally think they saved the best song for last.
Could you even watch the entire thing? It's almost painful to watch
And just in case you where wondering,
YES they are available for your next party

Monday, May 23, 2011

Race For Red

This is a 5k sponsored by the heart services at the hospital to raise heart health awareness and it was this last Saturday.  It was my goal this year (for work and personally) to run it.  I also talked some of my family into doing it with me (part of my work goal was to increase participation)
I've been running with my good friend Connie (who is a "real" runner and trying to make me a "real" runner-haha) for the last month-ish. I've never run before and this was my first 5k ever.  I didn't do as well as I had hoped (my goal was to do it around 28 minutes) my official time was 29:55  I was super nervous before the race even started and psyched myself out (running is so much a mental game). Connie had to work so she didn't get to run it but Nick and my sis-in-law Lisa (who is also a runner- she ran a half marathon pregnant with her 4th) ran with me and they were awesome support. 
Don't look too closely at this pic, I look awful running! 
 Notice Nick and Lisa look so happy
(I looked like I was in some sort of horrible pain)
 Emily was just a little bit behind us
Emily, Me, Nick and Lisa
 Here come Chrissy and Marie
Nick, Me, Emily, Maire and Chrissy
 Group pic of the cardiac service line 
MDs, PAs, RNs, PCTs, HUCs, RTs
I'm in there somewhere :)
 YAY! we did it!
My parents and Nick's parents were at the finish line to cheer us on. It was a lot of fun to have my family and work family there.  I even caught the running bug, I've already signed Nick and I up for another race in June, I have a goal to meet! 

Saturday, May 14, 2011

An Eternal Perspective

My sis-in-law sent me an email with a link to this blog.  I've never meet or even heard of this family until 3 days ago.  I don't normally do this but their story touched me deeply maybe because I'm all sensitive to the whole trails and faith testing stuff right now, this is in no way related to any of the trials that we are facing currently but does help me to realize the big picture and what is truly important.  It is a story of faith, courage and a true eternal perspective. You have (no NEED) to read it!  WARNING: have a box of tissues ready 

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Vegas Cont.

So I just realized that these posts are going to be out of order.....sorry
Las Vegas cont.
We saw the LION KING and it was AMAZING!
From the powerful opening scene with the cast singing
 "The Circle of Life" to the curtain closing at the end we both 
had goosebumps! Totally, totally recommend it and it was VERY clean
 (especially for Vegas)
We spent some time poolside soaking up some vitamin D. It's been 9 months since we've had any sunshine therefore we did not take pictures of our chubby white bodies :)
Walked around the Las Vegas Temple
So apparently Marie Osmond got married here the same day, we didn't know until we were watching TV and it was all over the news. We missed them by a few hours!
Visited Venice 
Nick surprised me and agreed to see another show:
It was INCREDIBLE! So this is the THIRD time I've seen it but I still LOVE it! Nick said he really enjoyed it too--he even said he would pay to see it again! We purchased cheap tickets that were in the back and off to the side.  When we walked in the lady asked us if we wanted to sit closer since it wasn't a sold out show.  We ended up sitting in the middle, 12 rows from the front! The chandler was right above us and looked like it was going to fall on top of us. 
Saw Rome in a day
 Frozen Hot Chocolate from Serendipity since we can't go to NY we'll try it in Vegas! It was super yummy but kinda pricey,  I need to figure out how to make it at home
 Driving home after some much needed R&R

Viva Las Vegas!

I was sick of all the cold snowy weather we've been having, I was getting burned out at work and this close to looking for a new RN job.  Nick worked his buns off this semester BTW he got a 3.85 GPA and was awarded an academic scholarship for next Fall/Spring semester (half tuition!) We both needed a vacation but didn't have a lot of time in between Spring and Summer semester so nothing big this year (like Disneyland AND Hawaii) we decided to drive down 
to Las Vegas for a few days.
What does one do in Las Vegas when they don't drink or gamble?  I'll tell you:
We visited the Shark Exhibit at Mandalay Bay
The gardens at the Bellagio
 Got a drink of water
Looked at high priced stores
Yes, we did go inside
Yes, I did try on/look at jewelry
but our credit card only has a $3000 limit
*sigh* someday......
 Coca Cola world it's really overrated 
but that's where you go when you're a Mormon visiting Vegas