Saturday, May 7, 2011

Viva Las Vegas!

I was sick of all the cold snowy weather we've been having, I was getting burned out at work and this close to looking for a new RN job.  Nick worked his buns off this semester BTW he got a 3.85 GPA and was awarded an academic scholarship for next Fall/Spring semester (half tuition!) We both needed a vacation but didn't have a lot of time in between Spring and Summer semester so nothing big this year (like Disneyland AND Hawaii) we decided to drive down 
to Las Vegas for a few days.
What does one do in Las Vegas when they don't drink or gamble?  I'll tell you:
We visited the Shark Exhibit at Mandalay Bay
The gardens at the Bellagio
 Got a drink of water
Looked at high priced stores
Yes, we did go inside
Yes, I did try on/look at jewelry
but our credit card only has a $3000 limit
*sigh* someday......
 Coca Cola world it's really overrated 
but that's where you go when you're a Mormon visiting Vegas

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  1. You look so pretty in all your pictures! Your hair is SO long.