Sunday, September 6, 2009


Yesterday, Nick and I headed up to Soldier's Hollow in Midway to watch the International Sheepdog competition. The dogs had to run up the side of the mountain and retrieve the heard of sheep then guide them through a series of gates and finally into a big circle. Then the sheep had to be split into groups of 2 and 3 and finally put into a coral. This all had to happen in 13 minutes! The trainer could only whistle commands. It was so much fun to watch, we were both impressed with how well trained and smart the dogs are.
There was also a splash dog competition. They measured the distance of how far the dog could jump into the water. The furthest distance we saw while watching was 18 feet!

We made it home in time to watch BYU and their MIRACLE win over Oklahoma!! Gotta admit that we were both doubting BYU's ability, we just prayed that they wouldn't get completely shut out, we hoped to lose by only one or two TD. Our defense played amazing and were able to hold them back. Nick was like a little kid on Christmas morning after their win, even today he's still all giddy! :)


  1. I love dog tricks. That sheep dog competition sounds like a lot of fun!! Go BYU!!!