Monday, March 1, 2010

what would YOU do?

Last night my sisters introduced us to this new show on MTV called the buried life. This documentary-ish show is about 4 guys trying to accomplish 100 things on their list of "things I want to do before I die" It's pretty cool and SUPER HILARIOUS! Some of the things on their list are: ask out the girl of your dreams, play ball with Obama, help deliver a baby.... As they cross off a item on their list they help other people (that they randomly meet on the street) cross something off their list. While I don't endorse watching MTV, it got me thinking about my own bucket list. Here are a few things that I have accomplished and some that still need to be crossed off:
Marry in the temple- check
Have a baby before I'm 30 (I still have 2 years)
Raise a righteous family
Graduate nursing school- check
Get a stamp in my passport, travel to Europe- check
Lay on the beach in Hawaii- check
Run and finish a race (not super ambitious just a 5K MAYBE a 10K)
Hike to the top of Timp
Be an extra in a movie
Learn to surf
It's kind of fun to think about what I've done and really motivating to think about what I still need to do. Now I'll ask:

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