Friday, July 30, 2010


So I have to apologize to all y'all out there for being a super slacker! 
FIRST: I'm probably not going to post more Hawaii pics--
I posted a TON on facebook and I'm being lazy
SECOND: It's been over a month since I've posted ANYTHING!  sorry
So here is an update from the Whiting House:
I turned 28 on June 29 (EEK!)
Nick turned 32 a week later on July 6th (double EEK!)
Both of our Birthdays were great, Nick printed and framed pics from our vacations and got my road bike tuned up so I could start riding again
I got Nick a new basketball, 18 holes at Sleepy Ridge golf course
AND I baked him a HOMEMADE PECAN PIE- his favorite!
The Fourth of July weekend was (as always) a great celebration with lots and lots of family in town from both sides.  
We went to STADIUM OF FIRE of course I cried when they recognized the military and their families
loved, LOVED Carrie Underwood!
In the 20+ years my family has lived here we have never missed the Provo parade it is a Demke Family tradition, we've even sat in the same spot for years! This year I was scheduled to work during the parade (SAD!) and was going to miss it for the first time.  Sunday night a MIRACLE happened and I got put on call!  So Monday morning we woke up bright and early surprised my family and enjoyed the parade! 
Chrissy and Amy were saving our spot at 3:30 am
My youngest sister, Jamie and our cute cousins
Nick's brother Jason was married July 17 in the Manti Temple.  It was a beautiful day 
and we're super excited to welcome Susie into our family
Unfortunately we left the camera in the car so we have no pics :( 
And finally......
we have a new addition to our family!

We bought a new couch!
We've been looking and saving for over a year we finally found one at Costco 
It was love at first site and the price was right. 
 It's SOOOO comfy we LOVE it!
This was our old couch
It's Nick's grandparents old couch that has been sitting in the basement forever! Not very attractive and VERY uncomfortable but when you're newlywed you'll take what you can get.
We gladly passed this old couch on to Jason and Susie :)

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  1. Happy belated birthday! It looks like you had a great day. I love your new couch, I am still waiting to get one ourselves...hopefully sooner than later:) I am glad you were able to make it to the parade, it was a good one!