Tuesday, March 22, 2011

How SWEET it is!

This past weekend was like Christmas+Birthday+Christmas for Nick
because of this kid
and BYU making it into the SWEET 16!
at the Whiting house.
Last week was Spring Break the start of MARCH MADNESS and we celebrated our anniversary (Nick assures me that is what really made this weekend the best ever.......right)
 Nick played a little ball back in his younger years. 
Yep, that's my stud muffin. After his mission he played ball for CEU and then was recruited to play for Cal State.  Needless to say, Nick is a bit of a college basketball fan and it's rubbing off on me :)  I even filled out a bracket this year, the first time in my entire life. The madness is in full force at our house.  The question: 
Can BYU pull off a win against Florida? 
Who's bracket will emerge victorious?
Stay tuned....

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