Sunday, February 12, 2012

Looked Out the Window...

and what did I see? (finally...)
I guess Punxsutawney Phil was right: 6 more weeks of Winter. Not gonna lie, I was a little excited to wake up to snow this morning.  I've been super grateful for the mild weather we've had, of all the winters to train for and run a half marathon this one has been the best BUT we do need water in this desert. 
2011 was a hard year, I found myself in some pretty deep dark emotional pits.  New Year's Eve was tough: I just sat thinking "Another year gone and still no pregnancy/baby" tears where shed and Nick kicked into loving/sweet/comforting husband mode.  I'm done being depressed or at least I tell myself that, I still have hard days but they're not as frequent. Running has become my therapy and I've found peace and comfort in my testimony that Heavenly Father DOES have a plan for ME although I'm still working on having faith/patience with that plan. So I've been on a domestic/cooking/crafting/running kick to keep myself busy/occupied.  
I LOVE how this wreath turned out. 
It was really easy and not overly time consuming
 I was able to get wood blocks from my Dad for free, 
the paper was on sale at Joann's and the vinyl letters cost me $3
A little paint, mod podge and glitter:
I've been finding and trying out A LOT of new recipes, Nick has been a wonderful dinner guinea pig.  I need to do better at taking pictures and posting the successful recipes I've found
Good thing I've taken up running as a hobby :)

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  1. O! That wreath turned out super, uber cute! I LOVE it! Great job! I knew you would get to this happy point in your life. I'm proud of you! Keep up your running!