Sunday, March 18, 2012

Spring Break

This year Nick had an entire week off for Spring Break. 
We planned on going here:
but instead we stayed home and worked (bummer!)
We celebrated our 3rd Anniversary
Nick surprised me with a special delivery at work that day
This week was also the start of
Nick has pretty much gone into a Basketball coma, I just turn him every 2 hours to make sure he doesn't get a pressure ulcer (I'm such a good wife) I was a little excited for the tournament, we even filled out brackets together- oh the things you do for the one you love :)  Norfolk St beating Missouri and Lehigh beating Duke?! Totally screwed up my bracket but that's the fun and excitement of the madness (YAY for the underdog!)
I found an awesome deal on Groupons for tubing at Soldier Hollow. I had to use a crowbar to pry Nick off the couch to go.  Too bad it was 60 degrees and the snow was more slush
We attempted to go down twice (the snow was so melted we couldn't even make it to the bottom of the run without stopping) fortunately they told us they'll honor our coupon next season.  We still had lots of fun together.  For our birthday's (last summer) Nick's sister gave us a gift card to the Melting Pot and we've been saving it for a special occasion.  Saturday we did a session at the Mount Timpanogos temple and then drove up to SL to finally try it out.
mmmmmmmmmmm FONDUE!
It really was AMAZING! We tried all 4 courses: cheese fondue, salad, main course (lots of meat) and finally the chocolate fondue.  At first it didn't seem like a lot of food but after 4 yummy courses we were stuffed.

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