Thursday, January 21, 2010


We started the year off with a BANG...more like a CRASH...several crashes and a few choice words by me. Nick went where no man has gone before (and survived) he took me skiing! This was the third time in my life that I've ever been skiing. The previous times were TOTAL disasters! Last time I went was about 4 years ago, a guy took me on a date and I never heard from him again. Nick loves to ski and used to go all the time and for some odd reason he thought it would be fun to take me. This isn't a surprise to family and close friends but I'm a HUGE sissy! I gave Nick fair warning that the day would be full of me whining and crying but he was determined to go. Nick was an EXCELLENT teacher, he was so patient and encouraging. After an hour I made it down the first run (the bunny hill) and I was EXHAUSTED! I told Nick that I wanted to take a break and he could go down some runs by himself. After he ski a little he told me I had to go down again. I almost started to cry (my butt was cold from sitting in the snow, I was hungry and tired and sore) but my tears and whining didn't work and I found myself on the ski lift headed up the mountain again. This time down I did A LOT better, I was finally getting the hang of it and even starting to enjoy it, I wanted to go again. It was a fun day, I learned once again that I married the perfect man for me- he endured to the end and after a day on the slopes with me he still loves me. In case you're wondering Nick says he had a lot of fun too, he was happy to see me enjoy doing something that he loves to do.

This is the run Nick went down:

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  1. tee hee! Yay! Amber, I couldn't be more proud! :) This story makes me happy. Adorable. I'm so glad you have such a sweet hubby! :)