Sunday, February 14, 2010

That's Amor

I told Nick all I wanted for Valentine's Day this year was the gift of time, we've both been so busy with work and Nick with school that we hardly spend any time together. So Nick planned an entire Saturday together with NO work and NO school- first V-day together as a married couple and it was WONDERFUL. He surprised me with flowers even though I told him not to buy any but what girl can resist beautiful roses?
Saturday morning we slept in (which we don't get to do very often) then he took me out to breakfast. We spent the day running a few errands and mostly just enjoying each others company, it was like we were dating again and it was GREAT we had so much fun together.
We got all dressed up for dinner at Magleby's (thanks Mom & Dad for the gift card from Christmas)

What night is complete without a romantic chic flick? We saw "Dear John"..... Yes I cried, BUT we don't recommend it- really didn't like the ending.
And of course the exchanging of our V-day gifts, my favorite candy- peanut M&Ms and red vines plus a chocolate wiener dog which is my favorite puppy- I want day (but a real one not a chocolate one). Nick got a pound of chocolate from Sees (again thanks Mom & Dad for the gift cards- good Christmas) and Michael Jackson's movie "This is It" because what says "I love you" better than some sweet moves by the king of pop himself?

How did I get so lucky and marry such an INCREDIBLE man? I must have done something right, this was the perfect way to spend the day with my PERFECT man!

As if the intense sugar overload wasn't enough.....I made a PEANUT BUTTER CUP TRIFLE for dessert on Sunday. The perfect marriage of chocolate and peanut butter- be still my beating heart (or please keep beating and don't stop even though my arteries are clogged)

You too may also enjoy this most delicious dessert. Here is the link for the recipe:

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  1. Looks like you guys had a nice Valentines Day and that dessert looks amazing!!!