Monday, February 14, 2011

Cupcakes by Cupid

I had to work all weekend and yesterday wasn't the best day, it was a pretty crappy day-literally. 
2 different patients both max assist + kayexalate= a very poopy day.  If you don't know what kayexalate is consider yourself very lucky.  
You might be thinking at this point "Wow! What a great Valentine's Day post, I feel all warm and fuzzy inside."  Don't worry I'm getting to the warm fuzzy part.  
I told Nick not to spend any money for V-day this year.  He's not bringing home any $$ from his internship (yet) and our anniversary is next month.  Well, bless his sweet heart, he still really wanted to do something for me.  I came home from work last night to find this:
Nick made (from scratch) chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter frosting! Like a good husband he has been watching waaaay too much food network with me and knows that I love the show cupcake wars.  Like many others, I have jumped on the cupcake bandwagon- Who doesn't LOVE a cupcake?!  These cupcakes were DELICIOUS and choice above all other cupcakes :) 
AND he had the kitchen all cleaned up (any other ladies out there ever had to clean up after their husband cook?)  He printed flowers off the computer (since I wouldn't let him buy any) and made me a card:
Ok, this is the warm fuzzy part where you say awwwe  
I married a good man.  I feel so so blessed to have him as my husband and I love him so so much!  Exactly one month till our anniversary-- 2 years down and an eternity to go! 

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