Friday, January 28, 2011

Klondike Derby

Nick got a new calling in our ward end of December, he is now the 1st counselor in the Young Mens Presidency.  Our ward only has 4 young men (3 deacons and 1 teacher), they're good kids and Nick has enjoyed his calling so far (pizza parties and laser tag-SWEET!) Last weekend was the stake Klondike derby.  Camping in the snow and winter survival, sounds too cold for me. Young Women never did anything like this, thank goodness! Fortunately it wasn't TOO cold, no one got frost bite and the boys had a great time.  Nick was more than ready to come home by the end, he's not really into the outdoors as much as when he was younger, he's more into sports now.  But he did admit to having a good time.  I laugh when I think of scout camp coming up this summer, Nick just groans :) 
While the boys where out freezing their buns off, I had my sisters and sis-in-law over for a slumber party.  We ate pizza and candy watched a movie and stayed up late. Poor Jamie got a upset stomach and decided to throw up- awesome.  Never let a 9 year old go nuts eating junk food- lesson learned. Other than that everyone had a good time.  Of course when Nick came home with all his gear our house had major campfire stink!  This is one of those time a garage and backyard would be nice. Right away I made Nick strip down trow his clothes straight into the wash and made him take a shower! Only problem, his ski jacket STILL STINKS!  It's aired out for a couple days and I've washed it twice now!  I'm kinda mad, cause that was a new nice ($$) jacket and hope it's not ruined. Any suggestions? 

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