Monday, June 27, 2011


I think I'm finally to the point that I can call myself a "REAL RUNNER"  I've been running with my  good friend Connie for the last few months and she has whipped me into shape. I went from barely making it to 3 miles to running 7....uphill....and ENJOYING IT! 
seeing a hill and thinking "I can totally run up that"-CHECK
running so much I have blisters on top of blisters- CHECK
bleeding in your shoe from above mentioned blisters popping-CHECK
running too much too soon causing injury-CHECK
The last one not so excited about. About 3 weeks ago I was running and after 5 miles my leg started to hurt {BAD} I had to limp home the last mile.  I had earned myself a nasty shin splint and HOLY COW it hurts! Bring on the ice and ibuprofen! I was really worried cause I had already signed up for a 5k and I could barely walk let alone run! So I rested my leg best I could (meaning no running but I still had to work 12 hour days) and prayed really hard.  
This last Saturday was THE BIG DAY, it was the AF CANYON 5k to raise money to support/help fight cancer. All the money raised would help those who couldn't afford to pay for cancer treatments.
My hot athletic trainer :) taped my leg before the race 
Nick had a special blue running bib that said
SURVIVOR I was so proud
See that hill? Ya, we totally conquered it!
This was what I had been training for:
It was a grueling mile #2
It was the downhill that killed me, my leg started to hurt. I pushed through the pain as best I could but the last 200 yards it was getting to be too much and I had to slow down.
We finished with a time of 29:13 our best time yet! Not bad considering I was running on a injured leg (and did you see that hill?!) Nick was the first cancer survivor to cross the finish line!
We had some AWESOME and SUPER CUTE support to cheer us on at the finish line (2 of Nick's nephews). Nick's uncle ran the half marathon and came in 2nd place for his age group
Kelly told us that before the half started they shared stories from cancer survivors and they told Nick Whiting's story! (I had submitted his story when I was registering us for the race)
As soon as we finished and stopped running my leg was KILLING ME and I could barely walk again. Thank goodness for ibuprofen! I'm resting up and praying it will recover, I really want to run on the 4th of July. I was hoping to run the 10k but I don't think my leg will let me so I might just do the 5k. 


  1. Yay yay yay!!!! You just called yourself a "real runner". Congrats on your great accomplishment! Rest up that leg well!

  2. That is great, something I can only hope to do one day. My mom was going to try and run a 5k this fall, but she became really sick and weak and decided she couldn't do it anymore. Turns out we found out a little over a week ago that she has cancer, leukemia, and is now going through treatment at LDS hospital in Salt Lake. One day we hope to see our mom do what your husband has done: defeat the odds and run a 5k as a survivor. Thanks for sharing your story.