Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy Birthday to....

amber, nick and AMERICA!!
June 29th was my GOLDEN BIRTHDAY I turned 29- EEK! Nick spoiled me BIG TIME this year, he's such a wonderful husband! Let's just say it's been a little rough turning 29 and struggling with not being pregnant/ having a baby. I just want a baby before I'm 30! On Wed I went to the Spa at Sundance (found a super good deal on CITYDEALS) got a 60min massage and a mani/pedi- it was FABULOUS!  On Friday, Nick surprised me and took me up to Park City. We ate dinner at this nice little restaurant in Midway. The  food was really good, best halibut I've ever had in Utah.
 Didn't need a refill on that diet coke
SURPRISE! we stayed at the Stein Eriksen Lodge
in Deer Valley (it's the only 5 star 5 diamond hotel in UT)
and it was AMAZING!
Most comfortable bed we've ever slept in
The jetted tub was fantastic! And it was HUGE!
When we finally get into a house (in 10 years)
 I want one of these!
 Of coarse I found the spa-hehe! 
but had to pass it was mucho $$
 Private Deck+ beautiful summer evening+
big fluffy robe+birthday cupcake+ hot hubby=
We spent the day in Park City and drove back to Provo in time to go to
Chrissy and Amy (my sisters)
Darren and Lisa (Nick's sister and bro-in-law)
 David Archuleta!
 Brad Paisley was awesome!
Ran the 5k freedom run Monday AM with Connie, we finally got to run a race together! It was a lot of fun, the biggest race I've ever done, there where thousands of runners! Unfortunately not running for 3 weeks because of my leg (which still hurts-LAME!) killed me and this was not my best run. Connie was GREAT support as I walked (yes I'm ashamed to say I walked) the last bit Our time was less than stellar (31:40-UGH!) but I can't be too disappointed since I was out of shape. Now I really need to let my leg heal 100% so I can train for a half marathon!
My family had a big ol BBQ that afternoon for the holiday and to celebrate our birthdays (Nick's birthday is July 6th). My Dad smoked some ribs, we also had dutch oven potatoes, homemade baked beans, fruit salad- Nick was a happy boy!
My brother Jeffery and Nick creating their firework bomb. Some boys never grow out of playing with fire, leave it up to them to create a weapon of mass destruction! Seriously, there was a 5 foot ball of flame!
 Better than sex cake-ice cream version!
When you live in a house full of girls a V.S. bag doubles as a gift bag-haha! There wasn't anything in there that really was from V.S. we got a bunch of gift cards to dinner, movies and that new Provo Beach resort. My sister Chrissy got me a set of frosting decorating tips, I'm super excited to try them out.  I got Nick new computer speakers.
 My parents neighbors must have spend a couple hundred dollars on fireworks (the now legal aerial ones and defiantly several illegal ones) because we had stadium of fire part II Nick said it was the best neighborhood firework show he's ever seen. We played with sparklers and homemade bombs :)


  1. Happy birthday you two! I'm glad you had a fabulous weekend!

  2. I'm glad you have a hubby who knows what he has and knows how to treat you right!! You're amazing and are better than all the sparklers and illegal flashy fireworks en el mundo!! You stay in my prayers and thoughts. xo