Sunday, October 9, 2011

Go Cougars!

Last night we went to BYU's homecoming football game vs San Jose St.  When we bought the tickets the time was still TBA, I was thinking that since it was a Saturday game it would be at 2:00 maybe 4:00 at the latest, nope it didn't start until 8:15!  AND of course this was the week that the Fall weather decided to turn cold and wet. Fortunately the weather was dry for the game but it was still 45 degrees  BRRRRRRR!  I bundled up in lots and lots of layers (running spandex under my jeans, 3 shirts, a sweatshirt AND a jacket)
 Hot Chocolate so I could endure the second half
 I should get some sort of wife brownie points for sitting through the ENTIRE game in the COLD and not complaining :)  We both had a really fun time and BYU played a good game (finally!)
Final score BYU 29 San Jose St 16

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  1. haha! good thing you explained yourself for why you took work off. i was wondering about that all day yesterday... i'm glad they played a good game and you had fun! i wish we could have come too. maybe next time!