Sunday, October 30, 2011

Highway to Hale

Yesterday we ran the HIGHWAY TO HALE, a fundraising race for the Hale Center Theater in Orem.  I had to take a 6 week break from running the last half of summer due to a leg injury, once that recovered I was out hitting the pavement running with my friend Connie, Nick or even going by myself. One of the girls I work with told me about this race and I made a goal to run the 10k (6.2 miles!)
Waiting for the gun to fire
 Cute Jana and her hubby dressed up like M&Ms
Since it was a Halloween race, costumes were encouraged. 
I had a few good ideas for us: 
Nick could be a hot dog and I could be a bottle of mustard 
Nick a banana and I would be a monkey
My personal favorite: bacon and eggs
Needless to say, I couldn't convince Nick into dressing up. He did have a good point, running 6 miles in a costume would get annoying (and he was concerned about chaffing). And what would people think seeing a 6'4" banana or hot dog running through the streets of Orem   
The first 3 miles I ran in about 28 minutes but with any run what goes down must come up AND the last 2 miles were all up hill (some parts were even really steep) Around mile 4 I was really wishing we had just done the 5k. Nick was (as always) patient and a good support and we finished the race. Not sure what our official times are but Nick finished in 1:00 and I was just behind him 1:02  My parents were at the finish line and it was nice to have their support. Overall, it was fun to feel that sense of accomplishment and it's motivated me to keep running so I can improve my time.

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  1. way to go on your race! great time too! your 5k split is awesome!