Saturday, November 19, 2011

Let the Holidays BEGIN!

Last night we kicked off the holiday season at the Shops at the Riverwoods. They turned on their Christmas lights (which are quite impressive), Santa was there, as well as free cookies and carriage rides. Jon Schmidt performed a mini concert (he is amazing!) just as he was finishing his last song it began to snow, the first snow of the season! They couldn't have timed that any better you really felt the magic of Christmas :)
Afterwards we drove to the Thanksgiving Point theater to see...
My sisters and Nick's youngest sister came, along with my BFF Julie. Nick was one of only 4 guys in the entire theater (he's been watching football all day today to make up for loosing his "man card") If you're a twilight fan, you'll love the movie. This book was my least favorite of the series but they did a pretty good job translating it onto the big screen. It is a little steamy and kinda werid (demon vampire baby) but then again so was the book. I will admit I am a bit of a nerd (ok a HUGE nerd but a closet nerd) I love Harry Potter too (saw that on opening day) still think HP 7.2 was better that BD p1........don't judge me :)

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