Saturday, December 24, 2011

Oh So Sweet

I remember growing up and walking in from the cold to a warm kitchen full of delicious treats and baked goods. It's no secret my family loves to cook/bake; my grandma did it, my mom does it, I even have a sister in culinary school.  On Christmas Eve/Eve/Eve I spent the day at my Mom's house baking Christmas goodies. Spending the day with my Mom and sisters in the kitchen, dancing to Christmas music and laughing- now it feels like Christmas.
We made gingerbread cookies (they're soft and chewy not hard/crunchy like traditional cookies), we made chocolate dipped pretzels, white chocolate popcorn, candied nuts, homemade caramel and fudge. We made Oreo balls (mint and regular) in white chocolate, we took peanut butter cookies and made balls dipped in milk chocolate- YUMMY! I should have taken a picture of the kitchen table covered in sweets.
Nick came over after work and decorated a few cookies:
Yes, that is a basket-bell, a football, the star from Mario, a devil and a jack-o-lantern tree and a gingerbread man wearing......not much- HAHA!
OH! and I just recently discovered PINTEREST -HOLLA!  Now I know what everyone is talking about. I spent an entire morning looking at DIY crafts, recipes, home decor......  I'm even playing with the idea of starting a cooking/baking blog and I've been totally inspired to get my craft on :) 

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