Sunday, June 10, 2012

Race For Red

Saturday May 12 was the Race for Red put on by the Cardiac service line at the hospital I work at.
I've been training for my half marathon and after running 8+ miles paying to run a 5k is kinda a waste BUT since I am a cardiac nurse I felt I should support my work.  I didn't really have a goal, I was just doing this for fun. Nick ran with my phone that has a running GPS app on it.  He was a few steps ahead of me and at mile 1 I asked if we were doing well.  The phone said we were running a 8:30 min/mile! He thought the phone wasn't working and didn't tell me our pace. I had no idea how fast we were running. The last mile I started to slow down and became really discourage (I was thinking I was running a 9:45 pace). How on earth can I run 13.1 miles in less than a month if I can't run 3.1 miles at this pace! As we were approaching the finish line I saw my manager and remember thinking: either he's running really slow or I'm going faster than I thought. Nick started yelling at me "Don't let Ian beat you!"  I pushed it (thought I was going to throw up) Ian crossed two seconds ahead of me. 
Finished 27:08 
My fastest race!

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  1. I heard all about this race. You did awesome, Amber! Mind over matter and positive thinking is what running is all about!