Monday, November 5, 2012

Footsteps for Fertility 5k

In Sept a friend from work told me about a 5k race that was raffling off a free IVF cycle at the end of the race. I went home and told Nick about it and he was totally on board for doing it. I didn't know who would be willing to sign up for us and if we even had a chance. I sent out a message via facebook and emailed family. The response was overwhelming! We had so many wonderful family and friends sign up for us. Team Whiting was one of the biggest teams with almost 40 people signed up! On race day we were humbled by the love from everyone that showed up to support us. 
We didn't win the raffle. In fact our name was called next and we won free chic-fil-a (that's almost as good as a baby, right?) thank you THANK YOU to everyone that participated! Your donation for the race went to a good cause, raising awareness (the race made local and national news) and helping other couples that are struggling with infertility. For more on the wonderful organization: Pay it Forward Fertility

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  1. Good job on your race. You were speedy. I think you are going to have another major PR on your next half marathon:)!