Wednesday, November 28, 2012


So Thanksgiving has come and gone. I kinda missed the gratitude bandwagon, everyone blogging or posting on facebook about everything they're grateful for.  I will say it was sooo nice to get on facebook and see posts about gratitude rather than politics.
I had to work on Thanksgiving (boo!) it was unfortunately pretty busy, the floor was full of a lot of sick people. But this is a post about gratitude and I am grateful that both Nick and I are employed. I'm grateful that I don't just have a job but a career that I love, I love being a Nurse! I'm grateful that I get to work with some pretty awesome coworkers and Dr's. 
Thanksgiving dinner from the cafeteria.....yummo  k not really but at least it was free
I am so grateful for my stud muffin, totally amazing, patient, kind, loving husband!
I don't have a baby to gush about so I get to brag about my wonderful hubby. About a month and half ago Nick was released from Young Men Pres. and called to be the ward executive secretary. I am so grateful to have a husband who is willing to serve and is a righteous priesthood holder. Even when I'm struggling and don't want to pray, he reads our scriptures and prays every night. He is the rock in our relationship.  I will come home from work exhausted and he's picked up the house and made dinner, this happens on a regular basis- I am one lucky girl!! 
I'm grateful for our health. Nick is healthy, he beat cancer and that's something I'll always be grateful for. I'm in better shape at 30 than I was at 20! I still run every week and started doing CROSSFIT in Sept. I'll have to blog about crossfit sometime, it's crazy and whips your booty into shape! 
I ran to the top of squaw peak over Conference weekend with my sister. It was an intense uphill run but it felt amazing to reach the top! 
I'm grateful to have wonderful supportive friends and family, they're pretty awesome!

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